Season’s Greetings!

Season's Greetings!

Christmas, USA.

Merry Christmas and Season’s Greetings! I and everyone in my home wish you and yours the very best of this magical season, followed by a wonderful and prosperous New Year! Many religions celebrate this season; One does not have to be Christian to feel the warmth, peace, and good wishes that so many offer in this season of celebration. …

Nor’easter Redux

Nor'easter Redux

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA

A post responding to a post by Nancy Bauer on her blog,, explaining that though the beach sights may be dramatic, the November 2009 “nor’easter” did relatively little damage to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. Featured photos include remains of a beach sand fence, treasure-seekers with metal detectors in the surf, and crowds of people walking the beach on a sunny day just days later.

After the Storm

After the Storm

Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, USA

Visiting Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, after the “Friday the 13th” storm that slammed the U.S. East Coast in November 2009, we walked to the beach to find out what the fuss was about. The storm had eaten half the dunes, leveling and extending the beaches, exposing long-buried sand fences put there years ago to build the dunes, and wiping out the reinforced and carefully laid-out paths from boardwalk to beach. In some places we found sand cliffs, broken sand fences, and shattered steps; in other places, the paths were buried feet deep under new sand.

Reflecting Fall

Reflecting Fall

Reston, Virginia, USA

It is a still, cool day at the lake. The colors of autumn leaves and the clear blue sky are reflected in the calm lake, bordered by boats that have been put away for the season. There has been a break in posting as I upgraded our systems to Microsoft’s new Windows 7 operating system, which I have to admit I greatly prefer over its predecessor, Vista.

Movin’ On…

Movin' On...

Touring Egypt 35: It is time to climb on our camel and saunter into the Egyptian sunset. Here’s a camel; there’s the sunset … See you soon in a new place! (Photos: Camel for tourist rides at Saqqara; Camel rider waving; Sunset view of Cairo across the Nile River.)