Focusing …

(sort of a mission statement)

(Revised on 16 July 2009)

This blog has changed as I have changed. Recently I deleted some of the entries and rewrote others. Now I am preparing to resume posting and feel a need for a “mission statement” to focus this thing.

In the last few months, I have finally joined Nancy in her years-long search for our “next life.” She wants new places, new things to do, and no office needed. (Check out Nancy’s blog on her search at As I wind down a very absorbing 30-year-plus professional career, I have grown to want those things too. Still I delay, wondering what will inspire and fill my days once I leave the company that has been my professional “home” for so many years. My future life will almost definitely include photography. But will photography be enough? Can I develop enough passion, an efficient process, and a good enough “eye” to satisfy me through the coming years? Or will photography show me a new, different passion?

For now and probably the next few years, I am trying to evolve; Trying new vantage points and techniques, focusing my eye and process, and seeking to keep only the best. Along the way there may be stories and trials and tribulations, but this will primarily be the “target” for my photo work. A purpose to keep in mind; the expected destination — The outlet for products from travels, trips, plans, plots, and experiments. Hopefully, the good ones … maybe not always.

But mainly, it’s about the images.

(As always, the images posted here will be available for purchase as a download or print through my website at