It’s in sight now

The Caribbean, St. Eustatius, N.A.

The dive boat moored on the surface above is a welcome sight to ascending divers at the end of a cold wreck dive
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Thursday. We have passed the middle and are nearly to the weekend. The end is in sight. My wife Nancy has sometimes in the past been a nervous diver and has felt a similar feeling of imminent relief at this view.

This was taken from the wreck of the Chien Tong, a fishing ship sunk deliberately for divers in the protected waters off Saint Eustatius (Statia). As we began to ascend at the end of the dive, slowly rising from the deck at about 60-70 feet, I looked up past the superstructure and saw that our dive boat was framed by the ship’s masts and railings. My friends at Dive Statia had tied up to the bow mooring point and the very slight current happened to have swung the boat to line up over the sunken ship. Hoping that the sunken wreck and the floating boat above would be in focus, I pushed the lens to wide-angle, crossed my fingers, and took the shot. There was no time for a second try; my air was low and the dive was supposed to be over.

The end of the dive was in sight, and we had showers, drinks, music, and dinner to anticipate. An “end” in one sense but now that I think of it, a pretty different feeling than the weekend appearing before an office worker on Thursday. Oh well.

(Olympus C-5060WZ in Ikelite case with one Ikelite DS-125 strobe set to TTL metering, integrated lens at 5.7mm, ISO 80, f/3.2, shutter at 1/1000 sec.)