Lazy Days and Flowers

Ocean Grove, New Jersey, USA

A honey bee is nearly lost among flowers in a garden
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A lazy summer Saturday invites quiet contemplation of nature’s industry and beauty. Yesterday was a fraught Friday — a frantic workday followed by evening activities and exhaustion that left no time to consider a blog post. Today is quiet and lazy, an overcast but hot and humid summer day featuring no particular plans or deadlines to meet. It is the sort of day when one sits quietly under a tree with a book. The book is a prop: It was a notion of something relaxing to do, but everybody who sees me knows it will not be read. They are right. Instead, I watch the world go by. I enjoy the flowers around me (which are now beginning to look a little worn after a few weeks of summer heat and showers). I watch the dragonflies, birds and bees go about their industry; listen to their quiet but insistent buzz, whir, and song; and daydream.

If you will excuse me, I feel a nap coming on ….

This image was taken on a weekend getaway to Ocean Grove, New Jersey, that Nancy arranged through as part of her endless search for new lifestyles in new places. (Read Nancy’s post about home exchanging at On this particular day it was warm and bright but with heavy overcast and occasional showers. As is my habit in new places, I took my camera for a walk. Though the uniform gray sky made for flat photos of town, beach, and landscapes, it did provide perfect light for photographing specific subjects and closeups. I found this small flower garden next to the street in front of an unoccupied beach tent just a few blocks away from our borrowed home. The vibrant colors and quiet activity from the bees drew me; I sat down in the street to take a few shots.

(Nikon D200, Nikkor 18-200mm zoom at 170mm, ISO 100, f/7.1, 1/170 sec shutter, natural light on an overcast day.)