Lazy Day

Amanoka Villa, Discovery Bay, Jamaica

A gazebo with hammock chairs invites the lazy vacationer at Amanoka Villa, on the shores of Discovery Bay, Jamaica.
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It is Sunday. The day of rest. As a theme, I try to take Sunday for kicking back, relaxing, and appreciating. My challenge, then, is to find an image on Sundays that reminds me of relaxation and contemplation. I think this is a good anti-office image for a lazy Sunday. To me, it screams “no shoes and a cold beer” (or maybe a mojito or just cool water).

Every day in the late afternoon, the guests at Amanoka Villa are encouraged to relax and enjoy snacks and drinks in the shade overlooking Discovery Bay. A cool breeze sweeps across the bay as the sun begins to recline toward the tops of the hills opposite. The warm day cools and the sunny beach and bay again invite a gentle stroll or paddle. The guests emerge to swing idly in the hammock chairs and chat about the day’s adventures snorkeling, diving, kayaking, or exploring — or maybe just lazing on the beach with a good book. Everyone is cooled and refreshed after showers to wash off the salt. Fortified with a beverage, they begin to wonder what will be served for dinner on the open terrace tonight….

Relax; it’s Sunday. There will be time enough for the rest tomorrow.

(Fuji Finepix A303, integrated lens at 5.7mm, ISO 100, f/7, 1/680 sec. shutter.)