Reflecting Fall

Reston, Virginia, USA

Boats are put away for the season, parked under the brightly colored foliage of fall, at Lake Thoreau in Reston, Virginia, USA.
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We left Egypt behind just as the season began to turn cold and the leaves began to turn. Fall is a favorite season of mine. But don’t worry: This rare seasonal attraction will quickly wear off as soon as the leaves are down and the winter’s cold and wet descend. Given a few nasty days, my thoughts will soon turn once again to warm sunny days, beaches, dive vacations, outdoor dining … and of course dealing with the the sunburn I will wish I had avoided. For now, though, I can enjoy the changing colors and the crisp days.

I haven’t posted in a few days. Upgrading to a new operating system can take one off line. Just after we left Egypt, Microsoft renewed its periodic futile attempt to produce an operating system that can both resist simple users and satisfy every human in the world (not counting Linux and Macs). Almost all of the computers for which I am responsible have now been “upgraded” to Windows 7, which I have to admit really is much faster and easier to use than Vista. I am happy to report that the process of installing Win7 was really simple and very straightforward. We encountered no serious problems but I did have to reinstall all of the software since our machines did not qualify for “in place” upgrades. But now we’re back, and apparently better than ever.

(About the photo: Nikon D70s, Nikkor zoom lens at 34mm, ISO 200, f/4.5 at 1/80 sec., with circular polarizer filter.)