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Old Barn HDR

Old Barn HDR

I found this barn quirky and full of character. Not having grown up in the country, I have no idea what might have been the purpose of this unusual structure. Standing there in that field, I was struck by the way the builders arranged the building with a pass-through and on the level, even though the place where they put it clearly is not level. I wondered about that old building’s many stories as that day’s bright sunlight illuminated the grass and trees around and brought out the textures and colors of the old wood in the open passage, doors, and walls.

Isn’t It Spring Yet ?!?

Isn't It Spring Yet ?!?

Rehoboth Beach, USA
Springtime shots of dogwood blossoms on a sunny spring day provide a bright contrast to today’s present February snow, ice, rain, and drizzle. Wasn’t “snowmageddon” a stupid rubric for the press to choose for a snowstorm? And announcing the launch of the new web sites,,, and this site, thePhotoTourist.