Me and My Shadow

The Red Sea, Ras Gazlani, Egypt

Underwater photo of a pair of Red Sea masked butterflyfish at Ras Gazlani, between Ras Muhammad and Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.
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Touring Egypt 20: This is not the fish I sought or the shot I wanted on this day. I spent most of this dive trying to get a shot of the ubiquitous scalefin anthea*, a brightly-colored orange, yellow, pink, and sometimes purple small fish that is all over the Red Sea. I love the antheas — they are probably my favorite Red Sea reef fish. By this point I had been trying for several dives but been completely unsuccessful in getting a shot of the little pretties; they are just too shy and too fast.

Yet another one got away. I looked up to check on my dive group and found that I had more unusual company. While I know that butterflyfish are also not uncommon, I had not yet seen any on this trip — until I looked up. There was a pair of masked butterflyfish following right along with me, in my shadow along the reef wall. I had no time to set up the shot: I focused and fired. The fish bolted. Even when they fled, these two swam as a pair. I never got a clear look at the second butterflyfish.

*Look for a shot of a scalefin anthea in a future post. I failed on this dive, but did eventually get one.

(Canon PowerShot G9 in Ikelite case with two Ikelite DS-125 strobes wired for TTL exposure, integrated lens at 9.9mm, ISO 80, f/5.6 at 1/60 sec.)