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Feed Me!

Feed Me!

The Red Sea, Tiran, Egypt Click here to share this image. Touring Egypt 26: Everybody has seen an anemone. They are in oceans at all latitudes and aquariums everywhere. They are also everywhere in the Red Sea. Often, they are home to anemonefishes (Disney’s “Nemo”). They come in all shapes and colors, and often remind […]

You Pick …

You Pick ...

The Caribbean, St. Eustatius, N.A. Click here to share or send a greeting with this image. Nancy loves this photo. She calls it “the kissing fish.” But really, a lot of different captions could work: “Kissing,” “Hi honey, I’m home!”, “Who, me?”, “Yak yak yak”, “Sez you!” … almost anything, really. What would you pick? […]