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Movin’ On…

Movin' On...

Touring Egypt 35: It is time to climb on our camel and saunter into the Egyptian sunset. Here’s a camel; there’s the sunset … See you soon in a new place! (Photos: Camel for tourist rides at Saqqara; Camel rider waving; Sunset view of Cairo across the Nile River.)

Be a Friend and a Guide

Be a Friend and a Guide

Edfu, Egypt “Be a Friend“Click here to share or send a greeting with this image. Touring Egypt 11: Let’s take a break from Cairo. Today we jump ahead to Edfu, a town and temple site not too far from Aswan, near the southern end of Egypt’s Nile River. Most cruises from Luxor to Aswan will […]

About My Cameras

(about cameras) If I am going to write about photography, I should start with equipment. Every “serious” photography article starts with equipment, right? My main camera is a Nikon D300digital single-lens reflex (DSLR). By now, using Nikon is as much by habit as by choice. I have had a number of Nikon digital and film […]

Starting out … What is this?

I think I’m a photographer. I also love to explore history; to learn about new places and new cultures. For me, all of this goes together. Some people travel and take snapshots of their trip. Other people pick places to go just to take pictures. They see a picture of some place, then want to […]