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Movin’ On…

Movin' On...

Touring Egypt 35: It is time to climb on our camel and saunter into the Egyptian sunset. Here’s a camel; there’s the sunset … See you soon in a new place! (Photos: Camel for tourist rides at Saqqara; Camel rider waving; Sunset view of Cairo across the Nile River.)

Spiral View

Spiral View

Ibn Tulun, Cairo, Egypt “The View“ Touring Egypt 31: Cairo is full of mosques (as mentioned in previous posts). One of the oldest and most historically significant is the mosque of Ibn Tulun. Whereas the mosque of Sultan Hassan remains a working house of worship, ibn Tulun is now mostly a preserved historic site. (Ibn […]

Equipment: SLR Lenses

(about lenses) For underwater, I use a pretty static setup without much variability. To me, the underwater choice is all about the most flexible camera setup; No lens changing happens underwater. But in air, I use a range of gear. My photo opportunities typically range from closeups to people to city scenes to broad landscapes […]